KunciCoin RoadMap
Phase 1: Foundation // 2021 - 2022
Q3- Q4 - 2021 – Project Framework
During this time, the developer plans what kind of expectations are expected from KunciCoin. At the same time, we picked the right core developers and partners, to work together and wrote the whitepaper.
Q1 - 2022 – Token sale
During this, we’ve done our token pre-sale and public sale. Our private sale is supported by institutions and a few angel investors. On 16 February 2022, we released KunciCoin on our first exchange on PancakeSwap.
Q2 - 2022 – Mainnet & Kunci Wallet
As our first step to becoming a public chain that can be integrated into various projects outside and inside our chain, mainnet was released in Q2 2022. We’ll build a multi-chain network which BSC and Solana network is our kickstart to do so. People can track our blockchain activities through www.kunciscan.com.
Q2 - 2022 – VTuber
To get along with the metaverse trend, KunciCoin build DigiKagi, that supervised by OMNIVR to release a virtual streamer or as called Vtuber. Who's gonna be prepared to be our virtual talent. Our first Vtuber is named Alenka, and you can see her channel here on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/AlenkaInventraCh.
Q2 - 2022 – Core Platform
We released our first core platform, which is www.kuncinft.com, to facilitate the sales of NFTs acting as our first practical utility. We’re already working with the biggest talents in Indonesia, that later on provide the community with high-quality NFTs and practical use-cases.
Q3 - 2022 – Payment System
Before the ecosystem gets bigger, we need to set up a system of payment that can be integrated and act as our API gateway. KunciCoin team will develop Qoin Crypto as one of its utilities to become the payment gateway to make fiat and crypto transactions possible, with government-friendly regulations scheme and adapt to it along the way.
Q3 – 2022 – Kunci Comedy
To expand to the NFT market segment, Kunci will be the pioneer in Indonesia to put the comedy segment as NFT. Our first project will be with “Mongol Stress” one of the biggest comedians in Indonesia and we are also inviting Nigel Ng, to do an offline event together.
Q2 - Q4 – 2022 – Listings
The main target is to get as much exposure as we can get, along with the development. So we expect to get 100 CEX & DEX listings for Kunci by the end of 2022.
Phase 2: Recognition // 2023
Q1 – 2023 – Indonesian Crypto School by Kunci
To get an even larger market penetration, education is one of the best ways possible to reach that intention. By helping people to understand what crypto is and how it works, we are already helping ourselves to expose the intention of the KunciCoin project. www.sekolahkriptoindonesia.com is expected to be fully operating online and offline.
Q1 - 2023 – Kunci Games
First NFT mid-core games are expected to release in late 2022, or early 2023. Using the NFT technology, we believe we can deliver a sustainable yet interesting P2E GameFi.
Q1 – Q2 - 2023 – Kunci Exchange
As soon as the framework has been established, we’re looking forward to attracting and interacting with audiences to become users of our platform. So not only do they become our loyal holders, but also can benefit from practical exchange features.
Q1 – Q4 - 2023 – Communities Expansion
While the confidence of KunciCoin keeps raising, by the smooth delivery of the development, we’re looking forward to penetrating various markets such as India, Singapore, and Malaysia as our closes priorities.
Q2 – Q3 - 2023 – Kunci Launchpad & Smart Contract
To attract even more use-cases, developers and communities, we understand we can’t just work and build it by ourselves. Developing communities are also as hard as developing the product itself and we believe there are a bunch of terrific ideas out there. We’re trying to help to make things come to life by supporting them to be part of our ecosystem. First thing first, they can launch it on our launchpad and top of our blockchain.
Q2 – Q3 - 2023 – Funesia Marketplace
The creative market itself has huge potential. Ultimately in South East Asia, where the rise of the creative market continues to grow YoY. To explore this market segment, Funesia will be home for people who have the same hobbies in toys, books, and games.
Q1-Q4 – 2023 - Block Security and Improvements
By the time the system is mature, the number of threats is rising. We need to come together to work as a community to protect the system and maintain it to stay alive and healthy. This means the campaign of bug bounty should be released during this time and help the core devs to cover which part of the system has become potential weaknesses.
Q4 – 2023 - Merchant Integrations
Exploring the possibility to reward people's activities through small appreciation, by giving them a fraction of their payment back. Let’s say they purchased IDR 250,000 then we can reward them with IDR 2,500 equal to $KUNCI coin. This gesture allows us to spread the penetration even further towards the merchants, partnerships, and end-users.
Phase 3: Expansion // 2024
Q1 – Supporting Layer 2 Solutions
Q1 – Kunci Wallet Upgrade and DEX Swaps
Q1 – Crypto Academy South East Asia
Q1 – Kunci Comedy NFT Productions
Q2 – DeFi Explorations
Q3 – Cross-chain DeFi Protocol Integrations
Q4 – Public API Establishments
Q4 – VR Distributions
Q4 – Continue to Explore P2E GameFi
Phase 4: Establishment // 2025
Q1 – Dominating Southeast Asia Market in Top 20 SEA Crypto Companies
Q2 – System Integration to Conventional Banking System
Q3 – Scale Marketing Campaign Globally
Q4 – Develop a New Roadmap for 2026
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