OMNIVR is the leading Indonesian VR company focused on market penetration and analytics.
Since 2016, OMNIVR has been researching, developing, and distributing various Virtual Reality (VR) Products into the Indonesian market.
From offline events, meetups, experience centers, to VR Arcades, OMNIVR has introduced VR technology to more than 300.000 users and corporates.
In 2019, OMNIVR establish XR Associate (XRA), a hub for more than 50 VR-AR companies across the Asia Pacific to connect and collaborate in researching potential immersive tech development for the region.
In 2020, OMNIVR shifts focus into Virtual products such as Virtual Events, Expo, and Virtual Influencers (Vtubers).
Serving more than 30 clients over the pandemic, now OMNIVR is joining KUNCI Group as the leading Virtual World & Metaverse developer in Indonesia.
With Kunci, OMNIVR is planning to grow its market and move Virtual Reality technology into mass adoption.
The covid-19 pandemic has brought a lot of business down, but with the proper collaboration between immersive and blockchain technology, we are going to solve those problems and bring more ‘real’ utilities to the market.
OMNIVR is founded by Nico Alyus, a digital business specialist who has been in the industry for more than 15 years. For more info about Virtual content and products, you can visit:
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