Executive Summary

KunciCoin is building the next generation blockchain for mass adoption, born to support NFT Marketplace, Metaverse, Decentralise Finance, and retail penetration. KunciCoin will make blockchain technology accessible and applicable to various industries.
KunciCoin creates a next-generation blockchain-based ecosystem that supports Metaverse and Decentralized Finance and solves real-world problems using blockchain technology. From a blockchain evolution perspective, apart from being the base chain of choice for the NFT Marketplace, Kunci can also function as a circulation chain for various coins or heterogeneous chain tokens, and as a free port in the blockchain world.
KunciCoin chose Solana as it’s base of coin, which Solana is considered as one of the best blockchain networks which is smarter and reliable when compared to the decentralised blockchain network available in the market. Experts claim that Solana has already claimed the title of ETH 2.0.
Solana Blockchain is considered to be one of the most advanced blockchains with a robust architecture and high-end security features. The robust architecture of Solana Blockchain allows it to achieve transaction speeds of up to 65,000 TPS (Transaction Per Second) which is 100 times more than what the Ethereum blockchain offers (13 TPS).
The PoS (Proof of Stake) consensus mechanism of the blockchain allows it to offer better performance and reliability at relatively low processing costs, making it one of the best operating blockchains in recent times.
KunciCoin has built its own public mainnet network in Q1 2021. Mainnet is the foundation for blockchain-based companies to maintain their companies in a decentralized system. The launch of the mainnet is important for blockchain-based companies to prove the company's capabilities. From project ideas to real problem-solving projects that can be implemented in everyday life. Blockchain-based companies that have their mainnet can help many blockchain projects to realize their ideas.