KunciCoin Core Team

Julius Agus Salim - CEO
Julius A.S is a visionary and dynamic leader who always involves his employees to develop his business with more than 13 years of professional experience in technology and other business
Currently, Julius A.S. is the Executive Chairman of several businesses under the name of Famindo Group, which has business units in Information Technology solutions, drone manufacturing, hospitality, solar cell research, Manufacturing High Tech Industrial Park Payment Gateway, and Tourism, trading, and mining. He led more than 1,500 employees and was able to increase revenue, by increasing efficiency and lowering costs through organizational restructuring.
Joko Crypto - Co-Founder and COO
Joko Crypto is an outstanding anonymous individual, who owns and operates 22,000 crypto mining rigs and is a visionary thought leader with years of professional experience in technology and business. He developed the KunciCoin, wrote the KunciCoin whitepaper, and created, and distributed the KunciCoin.