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    Development Treasury Supply on the development treasury will be used for the development of overall products including testing and live production. The total allocation is 692 million of $KUNCI which will contribute 17% of $ KUNCI's overall supply.
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    Community Rewards As our commitment to developing large-scale communities in various regions, especially in South East Asia, we would like to allocate a total of 831 million $KUNCI over the years which will contribute 21% of $KUNCI overall supply. The rewards will be spent on various activities, including the staking pool program, airdrop, AMAs, and all types of marketing activities online and offline, which are supposed to not only help the ecosystem grow but also everyone who supports it.
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    Liquidity Reserve To maintain the liquidity of our native token across many exchanges, centralized exchanges, and decentralized exchanges, we would like to see the growth of absorption upon the market and allocate 415 million $KUNCI which contributes 10% of the overall supply. Liquidity reserve is meant to keep the market actions, ultimately the order book to stay healthy and minimize the unnecessary pump and dump.
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    Partnership We acknowledge that good relationships among the builders within the ecosystem have to be maintained properly. Also, the collaboration between brands can help to jump-start some aspects that may take some time and consume more resources. That is why the partnership allocation is expected to fulfill the need. Even so, we are gonna thoughtfully do this to minimize the potential risk that may affect all stakeholders. With a very tight vesting period, the allocation of this aspect will be at 692 million $KUNCI which contributes 17% of the overall supply.
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    Team Reserve The team reserve will be distributed according to the performance of the team across departments. That we wish can boost the morale of the team over time, thus in result helping us to create a better product from time to time. With 138 million of $KUNCI, team reserve allocation will contribute to 4% of the overall supply.