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PT Cahaya Usaha Mandiri (Gambir Studio)

Shafiq Husein - Chief Executive Officer
Shafiq Husein has a firm background in the game development industry. He has more than 10 years of experience working in various positions and currently becomes the CEO of Gambir Studio, an award-winning mobile games company, that has been active since 2016. Throughout its existence, Gambir Studios has been rewarded with several achievements and has been recognized by big brands such as Google.
Muhammad Gian - Chief Technology Officer
Gian is an experienced game programmer, coding for a long time since middle school. Focused on game and shader programming. With his technical background, he is very detail-oriented and passionate about what he does. Gian is a great asset to the team and demonstrates good teamwork.
Mirza Muhamad - Chief Product Officer
Mirza Muhammad makes sure that every product that has been delivered by the team works perfectly well. He has taste in terms of product management and can lead the team with his heart. He has an immersive experience as an engineer, where he worked for Nokia Siemens Networks for 6 years and Touchten Games for 2 and half years.
Hironimus Rian - Chief Operating Officer
Rian has proved himself as a worthy Supervisor 2d Artist. Albeit many others may be just slightly better than him, there are two things that other people in his position did not have, which are great communication and a very warm heart for his fellow teammates. Make it programmers, game designers, or fellow artists, Hironimus is someone who would make the perfect icebreaker in a stiff zombified team. He worked for Gameloft and Touchten Games, before joining Gambir Studio as a COO in 2018.
Bayu Nugroho - Chief Creative Officer
Bayu’s ability to juggle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic difference in the productivity level of our team. His vision and skill can produce great and colorful art. He understands your request easily and even does better than what you requested. Bayu is a talented artist with great responsibility for his works. A fun person with a passion for art. Give him any canvas size, an old mobile phone screen, or a giant wall, he will still manage to deliver exceptional artwork. good team player and also a great artist with great talent and professionalism. He had worked for Touchten Games for 6 years.