PT Famindo Untung Cuan Ketawa

MO Sidik - CEO
Mohamad Ali Sidik Zamzami or known as MO Sidik is a comedian, writer, actor, producer, mentor, creative consultant. He started his career in the radio business, started as a radio personality and voice actor, ended up as a General Manager in 3 big Radios in Bandung, Indonesia. In the last 5 years, I co-founded a comedy club, a startup edu-tech company, one export-import company, and selling some goods imported from China and Australia online.
Beside those, he is leading the company by managing Kunci Comedy and creating the business strategy, implementing the vision and mission of the company.
Steve Taney - Acting VP of Sales
Steve Tan is a high-level player with nearly two decades of experience. He's a driven and exceptional individual, proven by his achievement of becoming a management level in only three months at his young age. He's well versed in any marketing area, possessing various insights to generate revenue streams. His decade of experience demonstrated his skill in creating promotional strategy, and his capability to understand what customer needs
Gupta Gautama - VP of Media and Marketing
Gupta Gautama as a VP of Media and Marketing Kunci Comedy has experience in marketing fields for a decade. Starting with the role as a PR consultant in Alchemy Creative Communications in 2012, Gupta Gautama continuously developed his career in marketing-related positions in several companies. He’s excellent in public relations, copywriting, media relations, and of course marketing skills. His achievements in the marketing field led him to become the VP of Media and Marketing in Kunci Comedy.