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Nico Alyus - CEO
A high digital and creative technology enthusiast with more than a decade of experience in the media, audiovisual, and marketing industries. He’s an expert at building a business strategy, market research, finding a strategic partner, and managing and leading a company. He’s a Head of Business Development in the SOS project, also Vice President of XR Associates and now He’s become the CEO of OMNIVR. Leading the VR company that focused on VR content distribution, hardware development, and entertainment.
Gemilang Nugrahadi - VP Virtual Human (VH)
Gemilang Nugrahadi is a VP of Virtual Human in OmniVR. He developed full comprehension of pop culture and entertainment. With Japanese Pop Culture as his area of mastery, he was chosen as an ambassador for the Japanese Content Tourism Program. He also developed expertise in business development areas in various youth-related markets and pop-culture brands. Now becoming a Vice President of Virtual Human in OmniVR, committed to building and manage a diverse team of creatives, technical, and talents to create a brand new Virtual Human Agency to develop talent itself, content, and technology for the local and regional digital entertainment scene.
Isman HS - VP Metaverse & Games (M&G)
Isman Hidayat Suryaman or usually called Isman HS is an Indonesian comedian since 2010, He is also a book writer and actor. He has published a total of 9 books, and one of them was getting 1 of the 3 best nonfiction books in 2007 per reader version of the Ruang Baca Tempo newspaper. He also joined a stand-up comedy tour in Asia-Pacific in 2015. He is an excellent scriptwriter, and has written scripts for several Indonesian comedy movies as well as become the chief writer in Comic Story Kompas TV. Now, he’s a Vice President of Metaverse & Games in OmniVR, responsible for leading and managing the team to create a Virtual Reality metaverse and games.