PT Famindo Kunci Entertainment

Refian Fajarsyah - CEO
Refian Fajarsyah or also known as Ivan Seventeen is an Indonesian musician, he's well known as a vocalist of Indonesia's pop band, Seventeen. Ivan's forte is the entertainment industry which makes him the perfect CEO of Kunci Rumah Entertainment. With Seventeen, Ivan released a total of five albums from 2007 until now, most of them considered to be a success in the market. His playing field isn't only in the music industry but the film as well, his filmography consists of two feature films and web series, being both the actor and producer. These decades of experience prove that he's an entertainment industry expert.
Deryzky Prisadevano - COO
Deryzky Prisadevano is the COO of Kunci Rumah Entertainment. He co-founded a shopping & retail business called worldwide passion and barangsiaga, and a record label called Nueve records. He’s also an artist and musician. With reputable/years of experience in the music industry, he's now joining Kunci Rumah Entertainment as a COO. Creating a business strategy and managing the company to become the best production house that runs the music digitally and NFT.