Only 100,000,000,000 Kunci (100 Billion Kunci) were printed.
50,000,000,000 Kunci (50 Billion Kunci) is released on the network but only 3 Billion will be circulating supply, equivalent to 3% of our commitment to be released during the Private Sales below.
50,000,000,000 Kunci (50 Billion) will be used for staking and release only 8% in a year (4 Billion coins which can only be obtained through the mechanism of staking/holding Kunci coins, according to the number and duration of hold the Kunci coin <Proof of Stake>.)
Only 3,000,000,000 Kunci (3 Billion) will be released for sale during the Private Sales.
Burns will be carried out periodically to reduce the supply of KunciCoins. Developers will lock KunciCoins other than 3 billion sold in a private sale, to early believers.
The developer will release coins only for burn purposes, and reward for stakes as written above.
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